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20th March 2014 - AHO Briefing for APPG British Hindus (click Here)

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5th March 2014 - EHRC Publishes Caste report.. (click here)

13th November 2013 - Serious Flaws in EHRC research surface.. (click here)

29 July 2013 - Government announces Consultation Timetable (click here)

18 July 2013 - NIESR Boss confirms UNSUITABILITY of report (click here)

14 June 2013 - Final OCHS Report (click here)

05 June 2013 - URGENT EDM 117 Update

03 June 2013 - MP's "Consultn Briefing" Document (click here)

03 June 2013 - OCHS Caste Draft Discussion Document (click here)

23 May 2013 - AHO Charter Published (click here)

20 May 2013 - EDM Press release (click here)

18 May 2013 - Online ePetition goes Live - vote online NOW

18 May 2013 - AHO Full page feature in Asian Voice (click here)

17 May 2013 - Govt Equalities Office Letter (click here)

17 May 2013 - AHO Early Day Motion in Parliament (click here)

07 May 2013 - Letter to Helen Grant, Minister (click here)

09 May 2013 - Letter from Helen Grant, Minister (click here)


stoppress.gifEHRC report published ..... NIESR mark 2..?

Dr Meena Dhanda's team supported by the EHRC have published their report into Caste in the UK, the AHO have had an initial opportunity to review its contents and conclusion and not unsurprisingly, it too lacks internal integrity and the conclusion rather than being a strong well supported, clearly evidenced contribution to this issue, seems to be a bit of a damp squib... which is hardly surprising if one is trying to project an unsupported, undevidenced proposition. Thousands of pounds of our taxes, for a conclusion which pretty much agrees with the very initial AHO legal understanding and with the position of the Government..... draw your own conclusions as to what this whole exercise has been about .... click here to read the AHO response and briefing for Rt Hon Bob Blackman, Chairman of the APPG for British Hndus.

AHO Keynote Speakers

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Press release - 13th November 2013





13th November 2013


Hindu community leaders have raised concerns that new government sponsored research on caste discrimination risks repeating the mistakes of previous research with unfortunate consequences for the UK Hindu community.  The new research has been commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) as part of the government consultation leading up to the introduction of caste legislation for the first time in the UK.

The research appears to be repeating the mistakes of earlier studies:

·         It does nothing to address the key issue of the extent of caste discrimination in this country. The existence of pockets of discrimination has been documented in the previous government sponsored research carried out by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) report. But the authors of that research have already admitted that their report was not designed to establish robust evidence on the prevalence and severity of such discrimination.

·         It appears to be proceeding on the basis that the problem is focussed on the Hindu population, when the government’s own research found that only one of 23 documented cases of discrimination took place within that community. The debate at a recent EHRC sponsored stakeholder event focussed disproportionately on the Hindu community, continuing the stigmatisation of this society that was especially apparent in the parliamentary debates on the subject of caste.

·         Finally, there is concern that a majority of the EHRC appointed research team have previous links to one side of the caste debate and that this may represent a conflict of interests. The research team leader, Dr Meena Dhanda, and several others on the research team have acknowledged links to lobbying groups including Caste Watch UK, the Dalit Solidarity Network and the Anti-Caste Discrimination Alliance.


Vivek Sharma, from the AHO Secretariat, said:

“First and foremost, the Alliance remains committed to eradicating all forms of discrimination based on caste or any other grounds. We welcome the decision by the government to enter a period of research and consultation about the introduction of the proposed caste legislation and we wish to engage fully with that process.

“We are very concerned that now the research has started it has become clear that there is nothing in place to examine the extent of caste discrimination in this country. We accept that there is evidence of geographical pockets of discrimination, but there is no reliable research as to how widespread the problem is. Caste legislation may impose a significant cost on businesses and public authorities and we are concerned that in the absence of any hard facts this may well be disproportionate to the extent of the problem of discrimination that actually exists.

“We are also concerned about conflicts of interests within the research team and a continued focus on the Hindu community when the evidence we have suggests that the problem lies just as much within other communities. We would like to work together with all affected groups to ensure caste discrimination is eradicated.”

The NIESR report (published in December 2010) acknowledges that the percentage of the population which experiences caste discrimination and the frequency of discrimination is unknown and that only a major programme of research could establish this. Similarly, it could find no evidence on whether there has been any change in the extent of caste discrimination.


The Government Equalities Office has promised, in ‘Caste Legislation introduction - programme and timetable’ ( July 2013), that work will be undertaken to determine information about the extent of caste discrimination in Britain that can be used as a comparative baseline for any future consideration of the effectiveness of caste legislation. However, it is unclear at the moment what plans it has in place to fulfil this promise.



The Alliance....

The Alliance of Hindu Organisations UK has been formed in response to the threat posed by the unplanned, ill concieved undefined amendment to the Equality Act 2010. The Alliance includes the organisations below that represent the vast majority of the 816,633 Hindus in the UK (2011 census figures) and tried to challenge the Legislation helping to reduce a Lords majority from 103 to an unprecedented 13! Still, the Bill was passed by too many MPs and Lords voting against the Government position and voting to PASS this law, without speaking to their Hindu constituents.

Please remember, at this moment its not about Truth, Dharma, the Vedas etc, its not about ADVICE.... its about ACTION and specifically its about NUMBERS OF VOTERS. Please get involved NOW and add your voice to the AHO voice.

If you have any queries, please contact us via this web site by clicking here.

The AHO Family...

Hindu Council UK

National Council of Hindu Temples UK

Vishwa Hindu Kendra, Southall UK

Lohana Community North London

Wanza Samaj UK

Satkarma Mission

Lohana Community UK

Hindu Cultural Society, Slough

Sai School of Harrow

Navnat Vanik Association

Shri Vallabh Nidhi Uk

National Association of Patidar Samaj

Metropolitan Police Hindu Associations

Natnl Congress of Gujarati Associations

Brahmin Society of North London

Art of Living Foundation

East London Brahman Samaj

Rajput Samaj

Nepalese Hindu Forum

Jain Network



...and many more..

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"Caste" becomes Law..

On the 8th May 2013 the Queen gave Royal Assent to a Bill which introduces Caste into British Law. The Alliance of Hindu Organisations came into being in answer to the threat of this Legislation but was not able to prevent it. Although it sounds ridiculous, the Law was passed but Caste wasnt defined, nor was the system of implementation discussed.

Because of the AHO and the organisations representing Hindus in the UK, we did manage to get the Government to agree to a consultation period during which we would be able to contribute to the Consultation and try and make the Hindu case. This site is about raising awareness amongst the Hindu Community and to getting the Hindu Community to demand to be heard.

For those of you who came to the BAPS Swaminarayan gathering last night and contributed your support and blessings, thank you. This is a challenge which cannot be faced by a small group but one which requires the Hindu community of Great Britain to come together like never before. The very growth and future happiness of the Hindu community of the UK is threatened by the imposition of this Caste Law and uness we meet this challenge TOGETHER, we Hindus will see everything we have striven for disappear before our very eyes and our children will be dragged backwards into a Caste driven society. We need you to to tell us how you can help and what you can bring to meet this challenge and you can start this process by getting in touch by clicking here. If you dont do it no one else will, if we Hindu's don't do it no one else will. If you are a Hindu and want to preserve the caste-free Hindu Community we have established here in the UK, its time to step forward and join us NOW.

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